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Many Shades of Green 2016

May 3, 2016

If you are in San Antonio this mothers day weekend come visit me at Los Patios where I will be showing outdoors with other artisans, Saturday from 10-4. If it rains you will not see me there! This show is sponsored by the Estate Sale Gallery which is located there at Los Patios. Come on out and enjoy this beautiful site.

My studio has lots of piles of stamps from Spanish speaking countries placed in rows and just waiting to be chosen for my current commission: a box featuring stamps from countries where Spanish is the official language. I hope to render several of these before I files them all back in their regular categories. It has been a fun and educational project for a graduating senior who loves speaking Spanish.

The Austin Texas Stamp Club has been very supportive of my work and has helped me find for purchase or provide by donation, stamps I need for various works. A big shout of thanks to them. Any fellow central Texas stamp collectors who want to check out our club, come on out.

Big Country
Big Country

Some years ago a friend offered me some fans he picked up in Asia while traveling. He never used them in the decorative way he imagined, and passed them on to me to create postage stamp collages with. "Botanical Outburst", 13 inches high by 22 inches wide, is a brightly colored combination of flowers bursting upward and outward on the open fan. The fan comes with a beautifully crafted wood fan holder, 9.5 X 3.5 inches. photo upon request; $130 plus shipping

Featured on this page are the box tops of "Strut" (2008) and "Long Live the King" (2006). The first, is a 6.75" X 7.5" X 3" wood cigar box with flared side edges. Collaged on the lid is a mix of postage stamps of tapestries, modern art, bird and dancer images from Native American, Indian, and Asian cultures. "Long Live the King" is a 8.25" X 7" X 2" cigar box, embellished with postage stamps showing as many different kinds of Kings as I could find, placed in a creative quilt pattern. How many kings can you find? Strut was purchased by an avid stamp collector friend, but Long Live the King is available for purchase at $140, plus shipping. Additional views available on request.

Long Live the King
Long Live the King

Lisa Nicks/Emerald City - LisaNicks@postagestampcollage.com.

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